» Manchmal ist das Leben ganz schön leicht
Zwei Räder, ein Lenker und das reicht
Wenn ich mit meinem Fahrrad fahr‘
Dann ist die Welt ganz einfach
Die Autos steh’n im Stau, ich fahr vorbei
Alle Ampeln grün, die Bahn ist frei
Wenn ich mit meinem Fahrrad fahr
Mitten durch die Stadt«

Song text- Max Raabe


Riding a bicycle is the most beautiful feeling for us. We build what we love: Bicycles.
When we weld a bicycle at Morassi, the fun of riding and the joy of individual design will always be
our main focus.
→ The frame must fit
Consultation is our top priority. We let you participate in all decisions and thus create your individual
dream frame in a unique process. A high level of personal consultation guarantees that we create the
right bicycle frame for each individual.
→ We build extraordinary frames for extraordinary people
The individuality and uniqueness of the person we are building for is our priority. We do not regard
special body shapes and individual wishes for us and the bicycle a difficulty, but rather it’s an
opportunity for wonderful new projects.
→ Sharing the passion with others
We build bicycle frames because we enjoy it and because we want to share craftsmanship and the
processes that lead to a great bicycle. For us, it’s not about talking someone into a bicycle, it’s about
working together to make their bicycle dream a reality.